Presentation Facts

Conference Paper Type

  • Paper with Respondent
  • Panel Presentation
  • Roundtable
  • Workshop
  • Poster Talk
  • Poster Presentation
  • Poster Discussion

Conference Paper Tips

  • Develop the Structure
  • Follow Guidelines
  • Get Ready for Questions
  • Focus on One Idea
  • Use Proper Language
  • Emphasize the Main Points

How We Work

1st International Conference on Gender Research – ICGR 2018

Location: Porto, Portugal

Date: 12 - 13 April 2018

Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Gender Research! A first newcomer on our list. Despite the fact that there are many advances made in this area, the topics connected to gender research are still only gaining wide popularity in society. This is why we have to empower people to make their contribution to gender research, in order to acquire a better understanding of the topic. Everyone is welcomed to take part in this event and present their work to the scientific community. The conference will be happening at the School of Accounting and Administration at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. The Conference Chair is Dr. Ana Azevedo, Programme Chair - Dr. Anabela Mesquita.