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17th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security – ECCWS 2018

Location: Oslo, Norway

Date: 28-29 June 2018

The 17th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security – ECCWS 2018 will be held in Oslo, Norway on June 28-29, 2018.  The submission deadline for papers is yet to be discussed. The organizers are calling for papers revolving around many topics, including online operations for industries, increase in web services, and critical businesses, which have led to an improvement in the various threats as well as malicious activities.

Through the years, the community has witnessed a massive increase in security violations, threats, and spread of many kinds of malware. Thus, the most critical industries should keep their environment resilient and secure versus the ever-evolving internet security threats. Protecting their industrial assets and workers together with the security of the community that they are serving are important in today’s digital age. The recent advances in the cyber security fields, as well as development of new technologies, are main factors that drive that growth and development of security operations and services.

There are certain strong strands of interest and research, which are developing in the field, such as identifying and knowing threats and risks to different information systems, strong security culture development, post-incident investigation and incident detection. The conference has been held in countries, such as Finland, Germany, Estonia, Ireland and Greece.

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